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 Practical Applications:


Gatekeeping in Radio



    There are a wide variety of practical applications for Gatekeeping Theory with regards to the radio, and these applications exist at a number of levels. The primary Gatekeeper at a radio station is the Program Director. The PD makes decisions regarding content, which may include any or all of the following, depending on the format of the station: music, news, traffic/weather reports, live remote broadcasts, promotion of upcoming events, content of advertisements, and any other peripheral content that goes out over the airwaves. It is the responsibility of the Program Director to set the tone for the station and to provide a vision as to how the station should sound. The PD controls the on-air experience of the station from top to bottom. A good PD will increase listenership (measured through a ratings system), which in turn should result in increased profits for the station.


    Most radio stations on the FM side of the dial feature shows - particularly during the morning commute hours - that aim to entertain and inform their listeners. Howard Stern may be one of the more well-known radio hosts of this kind, but every major city in the U.S. features on-air talent whose job it is to keep their listeners company as they start their day. It comes as no surprise that the Program Director is also responsible for the style and content of these shows, which can be highly influential. If enough people are listening, for instance, a morning show might spark conversation and/or debate amongst peers, co-workers, friends, family, etc. all throughout the day. 


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