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Print Media

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Practical Applications:


Gatekeeping in Print Media


 Goes through the hands of editors from the information gathered by those peskey reporters.


People like this control what and where                            Gathered by people like this

information is placed in our newspapers.

When the information is passed through the editors they use their own personal judgment to decide how worthy the news that was given to them is. The place the articals throughout the paper putting emphisis on some and letting others be on the back burner. They also edit the articals for content and decide what information is going to be given to the people. When reading the paper we have to be aware that what we are reading has been edited by someone for content and that we should use multiple sources to find the full truth. Still even with editors people think that print media is a very thruthful sorce for information, we just have to realise that people do make mistakes.


A great gatekeeper

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Section on the practical applications of the particular theory: How might this theory be applied to solve problems, create or change policy, or help us understand media processes in such a way as to make us better citizens, media producers/consumers, human beings? Be creative, five applications one or two sentences each.



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                                                                                                -Destiny Lewis & the Theorists! Spring 2008



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