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Print Media

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Practical Applications:


Gatekeeping in Print Media


Gatekeeping in print media, i.e.: newpapers, magazines, journals, etc..., goes through the hands of editors, with information gathered by those pesky reporters.



    People like this control what                                                  Gathered by people like this

    information is told and where

    it is placed in our newspapers.



The newspaper is one of the oldest forms of mass media. We rely on it for our everyday news. The gatekeepers for print media are the editors. Editors use their own personal judgment to decide how newsworthy the news is that was given to them. Editors can set agendas by putting articles on the front page and putting its opposing views on the back pages where people may not necessarily read. They also edit articles for content and decide what information is going to be dissiminated to people. As readers, we should be aware of this and realize that some of the information has been edited for content. All information that is given to us in print media has gone through a gatekeeper or two.  This information is then sent out to the world for us to consume.



A great gatekeeper:

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