Practical Applications:


Gatekeeping in Film



Gatekeeping is used to manage or constrain the flow of knowledge and information. Some people are under the impression that gatekeeping only exists amongst news broadcasts and newspapers. Gatekeeping is not mentioned in film. There are many accounts of news broadcasts being “edited” to tell a one-sided story. The people who decide what you see or hear are known as gatekeepers. Gatekeepers not only exist in the editing rooms of television studios or your daily newsprinting press, they also reside in the editing studios of Hollywood. Many movies released in the United States tell a one-sided story. After the attack of 9/11 there were movies released such as World Trade Center and United 93. These movies clearly told the story of what happened in America from our perspective. Every movie has a story to tell, and depending on who gets the final cut, the story you see and hear is biased.






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